SpotFilm - filmprodukciós szolgáltatások Erdélyben
2010-11-29 14:07:38

A society that only urges to forget it’s past, that has defined it for the past two generations. Giant factory masses are being left to decay in silence.


Five teams of artists and architects from Austria, Hungary and Transylvania are experimenting with video shooting on-site and photography, so that five short movies and complementary process and site-documentation are presented in this exhibition. The aim of the project is to experiment by bringing new life into these spaces by means of fresh concepts and contrast, so that they become interfaces where time-travel, loss of gravity, or anything up to an artistic mind might occur. By doing these experiments, the industrial heritage of Romania in general and Cluj / Klausenburg specifically, is being presented in new lights to the local/regional and extra-regional/international public.

SpotFilm is production partner in this project, producing three short-films.

Project financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute, through Cantemir Programme.


Cluj-Napoca                                                              Vien                                                                        Budapest

Paintbrush Factory                                         dreindl*architects office02                              Öntödei Múzeum

2010. november 6-13                                      2010. november 18-26                                  2010. december 4-11